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Here at Pinnacle Racing we are always giving a helping hand! On and off the floor!


We are speed skaters. We make speed skating boots for indoor track inline and ice or outdoor distance racing. Pinnacle Racing was started in the summer of 1996 when parents grew tired of spending too much on stock boots only to receive poor quality, bad fit and terrible customer service. They campaigned for the talents of then ex-speed skater Jeff Green who was working as a prosthetic technician at the time. Jeff had the training to work with quality materials and an in-depth knowledge of the bones and structure of the foot. Working with Jimmy Blair who was testing the products and through months of research and development, Jeff came up with the first custom boot. It was very basic in it's attempt to find the perfect balance between feel and comfort combined with performance. In the spring of 1997 the first Pinnacle Race boots were introduced to the public. At the Southern Regional and National Competitions they were a huge success! Skaters found them to have a minimal or non-existent break in period. Everyone loved the new Pinnacle Race boot. Even to this day, some of those boots sold in 1997 are still in use! Today, after years of being in the business and more research and development then could be added together, improvements have been made in every area of the Pinnacle Race boot. With quality casting to insure the best fit, Pinnacle’s Racing boot is the only boot truly engineered for racing. Every boot that comes out of our shop is fully hand crafted a step at a time to create the highest quality fit in the business. Beginning with the cast of the foot itself, the inner leather and padding, to the customized carbon shells which are hand laid, every panel of leather and stitch is done to the needs of the individual which makes for perfect racing performance. Jimmy Blair II has mastered the art of building the best racing boots on the market, thanks to the talents of Jeff Green and the years of skaters giving feedback in every area of fit, comfort and performance. The reason we put so much time into every boot, both custom and stock is to guarantee the quality which the name Pinnacle Racing demands.

In 2006, early on the morning of January 6th, the very talented Jeff Green was taken from us in a one car accident, leaving behind a legacy for all speed skaters to enjoy for years to come. Every boot that comes out of the shop is a reminder of what he had created, and the talent and knowledge that he possessed. For the last years that he was with us, he was an avid cyclist and had talked with Jimmy many times about creating a shoe for cyclists to use. Jimmy finally fulfilled Jeff’s dream in late 2007 when the first cycling shoes were introduced to the public. Read more about Jeff and the cycling shoes on the cycling page.

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