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Our full custom boots usually require about 8 weeks to be built (depending on the time of order) and are sometimes subject to the needs of slight adjustments or alterations once build depending on the feet.

We advise that you plan your needs accordingly as an investment in full custom boots goes far beyond your immediate needs for hitting a race deadline. These boots are generally for people with foot conditions that are often boarder line on servere medical conditions, the time involved in producing these shoes is very intensive. Pinnacle does not issue exact delivery dates, nor adjustment dates, only aproximate dates on full custom projects. The needs of our customers range and thus the time needed to prepare and complete each boot will vary.

Each Custom boot is hand produced for the needs of you, the customer. Padding, colors, height, stiffness, and mounting are all up to you for your comfort and performance ability.

Each custom boot is built from beginning to finish paying close attention to details with the skater in mind. There are two ways to order custom boots. The first is to meet a Pinnacle rep at a race or molding session and have that rep cast your feet. The second way is to have a skilled pedaitrist or coach to cast your feet to the specifications needed from Pinnacle. Once the Cast is received we will examine the cast to make sure that it will be suitable to build a racing boot on. Make note that if a cast is received and its not from an official Representative of Pinnacle, then we do not take full responsibility with the fit of the boot due to the cast, but we will work with you to satisfy your needs to the best of our ability. Custom boots, once ordered, have a no refund policy.

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