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The Cycling Shoe, dubed the “3670” was developed in 2007 with miles of testing done for strength, durability, quality, and function. The name derives from Jeff Green’s birthday, one of the founders of Pinnacle who was an avid cyclist before his untimely passing in 2006. All of the knowledge from building racing boots, cycling through the years, and time in the saddle has created some of the most unique, comfortable and lightest shoes available on the market. When we were developing the shell, care was taken to keep the weight down, but strength up, the power transfer is unlike any other shoe in existence. The inner neoprene lining has minimal seams, to cut down on any rubbing, and has a small amount of padding added to keep the comfort there on a long ride. Outside, the shoe is extremely streamlined to cut down on wind resistance and drag, while keeping a simple, yet stylish look to them. The closure is one micro adjustable buckle, with velcro power straps. The fit is the best part of the shoe, once a plaster cast is taken, the cast is modified slightly to create the best fit. After the cast is ready, the full shoe is built on the cast of the riders feet. Like the inline race boots, 100% of the cycling shoes are hand produced in Georgia, in the United States.

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